We just keep adding to the resources you’ll have at your fingertips when you use us to design and develop your site! We are proud to offer these premium plugins to help enhance your WordPress site at no additional cost!


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The perfect affiliate marketing plugin for your WordPress site – allows your users to simply become affiliates, send you referrals, track their clicks and sales and get paid while you do! Features:
  • Exponentially increase your circle without hiring a single salesman
  • Keep the bulk of your profits and share only with your affiliates, instead of paying percentages to large marketing companies
  • Take the ceiling off your earnings and continue promoting your products and services while you sleep!
  • Manage your ads and affiliates all in one place.


The easiest to use, best designed and most powerful ecommerce / shopping cart plugin available for WordPress today - guaranteed. Features:
  • Multiple payment gateways (PayPal Express Checkout, Authorize.net AIM, Google checkout, 2checkout, Moneybookers, eWay shared payments, Cubepoints and more)
  • Works great with any WordPress theme and looks great with AJAXy goodness
  • Sell real objects, or digital downloads (with limits and tracking!), with ease
  • Shipping, coupons, Google Analytics eCommerce, sales pricing, unlimited product variations, and so so much more!


The most powerful, easy to use and flexible membership plugin for WordPress, Multisite and BuddyPress sites available. Offer downloads, posts, pages, forums and more to paid members. Features:
  • A WordPress membership site, offering resources, forums, downloads, videos, support and more... with multiple different levels of membership and complete customizations
  • A BuddyPress membership site, where different groups and blogs are only visible to members, so members can join for free and then upgrade to key groups and forums
  • And so so much more!


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Start your own online directory site, powered by WordPress, with integrated payment gateways, powerful theme integration and infinite customizability. Features:
  • Create a fully featured Online Directory using WordPress
  • Accept Payments for Listings in the Directory.
  • Bill your customers every Day/Month/Year on a recurring cycle, or give them a one time up-front payment option. All handled automatically!
  • User reviews and ratings for listings included within the plugin, no extra plugin needed!

Pro Sites

Create your own blog network with upgrades, like WordPress.com or Edublogs.org, offering your users premium themes, premium plugins, extra storage, advertising, domain mapping and more. Features:
  • Advertising - Allows you to disable ads for a Pro Site level, or give a Pro Site level the ability to disable ads on a number of other sites.
  • Bulk Upgrades - Allows you to sell Pro Site level upgrades in bulk packages.
  • Limit BuddyPress Features - Allows you to limit BuddyPress group creation and messaging to users of a Pro Site.
  • Pay to Blog - Allows you to completely disable a site both front end and back until paid.

Events +

Create and manage events on your WordPress, BuddyPress or Multisite setup. Like Facebook or EventBrite, but far more powerful. Features:
  • Integrates with PayPal. Sell tickets to your event and accept payment in any major currency.
  • Hassle-free interface. Creating your event is as simple as adding a new post to your WordPress blog.
  • Integrated Google Maps. Simply insert Google maps with built in direction features for attendees.
  • Keep tabs on who’s coming. Monitor the guest list from your WordPress dashboard, with the option to display public RSVPs on your site.


Fund-raise, collect donations or kickstart your project idea with this powerful and adaptive plugin, Multisite and BuddyPress ready too! Features:
  • Integrates with PayPal. Create suggested donation levels or let them choose their own, includes recurring donations, and accept payment in any major currency.
  • Hassle-free interface. Creating your new fundraiser is as simple as adding a new post to your WordPress blog.
  • Offer rewards for donations: downloads, tshirts or more. Motivating folk to donate has never been easier.
  • Thank you message. Use the default confirmation email after donation or customize your own to easily send a thank you and tax receipt.

Ultimate Facebook

The only Facebook plugin you will ever need: Autopost to your wall or fan page, registration and login, Facebook comments, BuddyPress profiles support and more. Features:
  • Facebook Connect - Allow, or force, users to register and login with their Facebook info - a login widget included
  • User Profiles - Automatically fill in fields in user profiles when they register
  • Autopost - Make it simple to post new content (custom post types as well!) to user's walls, fan pages, events, or notes.
  • OpenGraph - Have complete control over the thumbnail image posted to facebook when users like/send or you autopost


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Infinite SEO

Every SEO option your WordPress site requires - in one easy bundle. Features:
  • It includes four major components for handling all of your site's SEO needs in one complete package.
  • XML Sitemap automatically generated
  • Title & Meta Optimization
  • Automatic Linking

Pay Per View

Pay Per View
Simply take payment for any piece of content on your site with one-off, day-long or subscription payments - fully integrated with PayPal, Facebook, Twitter and Google + Features:
  • Protect content in post sand pages. Just use the WYSIWYG editor to easily protect content and ask for payment.
  • Insanely customizable. Allow pretty much every conceivable parameter to be set.
  • Clear and effective payment options. Make it extremely easy for folk to cough up cash in single payments or as subscriptions.
  • Twitter, Facebook and Google + API integrated. No need for visitors to create an account with you... makes payment super easy.


Simply turn any WordPress post, page or site into a fully functional wiki - complete with a comprehensive set of options, full support and upgrades guaranteed. Features:
  • Complete front end editing... never see a WP admin page again if you wish
  • Ability to be edited by anyone or only registered users [as set by you]
  • Full revision history
  • Breadcrumb & widget navigation


Create, manage and send beautiful HTML newsletters to users and subscribers from right inside your WordPress dashboard. Features:
  • Create and edit advanced e-newsletters
  • Impress your subscribers with professionally designed templates
  • Quickly setup unlimited numbers of groups and subscribers
  • Track each newsletter's results with all the statistics you'd expect from a professional e-newsletter provider.


You can create your entire site around the classifieds functionality or simply add it to its own page. Users can create and manage their own ads, upload images, receive emails about their classified postings, purchase credits and much more! You can also enable the credit system and charge your users for placing ads on your site. Features:
  • Set time limit for ads to expire in terms of weeks
  • Flexible PayPal credit system with multiple currency options
  • Set signup credits for all users or send an individual user a set amount of credits


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Floating Social

You want to make it as simple as possible for your visitors to share your content with their friends and followers. The Floating Social plugin lets you do just that. It hugs your content, scrolling with your articles – no matter where your visitor is on the page they can always share with just one click! Features:
  • Share content on Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Google +, Reddit and Del.icio.us
  • Watch it glide smoothly alongside your content
  • Resize your window and see it act responsively, moving inline

Live Chat

Host your own live chat sessions, interact with your visitors and boost your sales, without needing any third party javascript or other code – works great with buddypress and multisite too. Features:
  • Run as many live chats as you want
  • Users and visitors can login with their WordPress or BuddyPress usernames, as public users and also via Twitter and Facebook!
  • Including gravatars, emoticons, logs and a raft of customization options – this plugin will cover all your needs.


Q&A allows any WordPress site to have a fully featured questions and answers section – just like StackOverflow, Yahoo Answers, Quora and more…except better :) Features:
  • Full front-end capability – users don’t ever have to see your site’s admin back-end
  • Snazzy voting for both questions and answers
  • WYSIWYG editing of both questions and answers


Create internal communities with their own discussion boards, wikis, news dashboards, user lists and messaging facilities Features:
  • quickly bring social features to your WordPress site
  • Users interact with each other from within their site admin dashboard
  • Simple tools for community management
  • Simple, easy to use internal wiki

Custom Google Search

Replace the default WordPress search engine using the power of Google with this super-simple plugin. Features:
  • Improve the WordPress built-in search functionality
  • Choose whether to display your results on the search page, in a pop-up, or in your sidebar
  • Simple integration between Google Custom Search and WordPress


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