What started as curiosity has turned into a passion for building clean, easy to use websites. 

Jessica StutsmanLocated in Sarasota, I’ve been building and designing websites for over 10 years. In college I started experimenting with building websites and over the years taught myself everything I know today.

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Working primarily with WordPress, PHP, and MySQL I’ve created custom themes, templates, and websites based on existing sites, modernized brands, designed logos, mockups, and more. With each client I pro-actively suggest design ideas, plugins, and general web knowledge to help make their sites better than they knew they wanted.

For two years, working exclusively as a freelancer, I’ve expanded my knowledge of web and graphic design, and client relationships.

Providing comprehensive customer service has been a point of pride. I work with clients to not only make sure they’re satisfied but involved throughout the process and understand how their website works after we’re done. Bottom line – I stick around. The client needs to be fully satisfied with my work and our final product for me to consider a job complete.

Working for oneself is often challenging and I’ve really fine-tuned my ability to toggle multiple projects, work quickly to deliver against insanely tight deadlines, and make sure things just work!

Jessica is the best designer I have ever worked with! She was super-quick to make the changes I needed…. she was flexible and hard-working to satisfy changing project demands… and above all, she knows how to put together a great site! Overall, a joy to work with!Paul