What started as curiosity has turned into a passion for building clean, easy to use websites. 

Jessica StutsmanLocated in Sarasota, I’ve been building and designing websites for over 10 years. In college I started experimenting with building websites and over the years taught myself everything I know today.

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Working primarily with WordPress, PHP, and MySQL I’ve created custom themes, templates, and websites based on existing sites, modernized brands, designed logos, mockups, and more. With each client I pro-actively suggest design ideas, plugins, and general web knowledge to help make their sites better than they knew they wanted.

For two years, working exclusively as a freelancer, I’ve expanded my knowledge of web and graphic design, and client relationships.

Providing comprehensive customer service has been a point of pride. I work with clients to not only make sure they’re satisfied but involved throughout the process and understand how their website works after we’re done. Bottom line – I stick around. The client needs to be fully satisfied with my work and our final product for me to consider a job complete.

Working for oneself is often challenging and I’ve really fine-tuned my ability to toggle multiple projects, work quickly to deliver against insanely tight deadlines, and make sure things just work!

WOW! That was FAST! You’re the best. The speed with which you responded to my initial questions was fast … but then the speed with which you got the job done! Amazing! You charged only 1/5 what everyone else was trying to charge me. And I can’t tell you how thankful I am that you were able to do it the way you did, enabling me to duplicate the fix across my other sites myself. (Many people on Elance would have tried to charge me for each of the sites fixed, making me think they were doing something incredibly complicated.) You are the tops. Great professionalism. Incredible integrity. And just a wonderful person all around, I can tell! Wish I could take you out for an ice cream sundae. Thank you again!Shawn